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Shortcut: COM:GU

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Please tell us where approximately your home base is located. This will enable commons to specifically target media requests to users in the area.

Locate me[edit]

Click "Mark point", then drag the marker on the map to your approximate location and paste the code below onto your userpage.

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

What is Commons going to do with this information?
Knowing where we have volunteers who can take pictures or videos enables us to make targeted requests. If articles on Wikipedia that lack images are detected, a request for pictures can be sent out to users that live in the region.
What about my privacy?
Geocoding your userpage is entirely voluntary. Many users already include broad information on their home base, such as country or town. The accuracy does not need to be very high. See next question.
How accurate should I geocode my location?
As accurate as you feel comfortable. The accuracy also depends on the distance you are willing to travel from your home base to fulfill a picture request. A few meters precision is certainly not needed, but your geocoded location should not lie outside the region you can easily reach.

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