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Commons Mobile app
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Examples of pictures uploaded via the Commons mobile app for Android:


Articles needing a picture
Search media by concept
File picker showing differently pictures that have been uploaded to Commons already

This app started as an official Wikimedia app in 2012, before being abandoned in 2014 to focus on the Wikipedia app. Seeing its potential, Nicolas Raoul salvaged the app in 2015 and uploaded it to Google Play, maintaining it with the help of other volunteers.

In May 2016, after following the Developing an official app procedure, Nicolas signed a contract with WMF allowing the app to use the official Wikimedia Commons name and logo.

Since September 2016, Josephine Lim is the maintainer of the app. It is now developed by IEG grantees, Outreachy/GSoC students and volunteers.

The app is currently used across the world to upload about 80 new pictures per day (List of pictures uploaded in the last 24 hours). Some of them have been recognized as "Valued Images" and "Quality Images".


In May 2015, an iOS port called Commons Reloaded was uploaded to GitHub and the App Store. It disappeared from the App Store in early 2016 because the volunteer maintainer Thomas Skowron was not interested in renewing his Apple Developer Program account (which costs 99 USD per year).

We need your help: please monitor uploads

Wikimedia Commons allows only freely licensed content and the files must be in the project scope. Files not meeting those criteria may be nominated for deletion.

Recently uploaded files can be seen:

  • As a live RSS feed of pictures
  • As a live textual list
  • As a gallery updated once per day
  • Directly from within the app: Tap "Explore", search for "Uploaded with Mobile/Android", tap "Categories", tap "Uploaded with Mobile/Android"
  • As a query for developers

See also:

Becoming an official patroller

If you have more than 1000 contributions on Commons (check), please ask for the patroller permission (just follow the simple instructions in the "How to make a request" box). That will allow your patrolling to overlap less with other patrollers, as explained at Commons:Patrol.

This app has never been responsible for any copyvio/selfie-pocalypse

Years ago a selfie-pocalypse was caused by the mobile web interface (now deprecated). The current available mobile app is a native Android app. The two are inherently very different and have different workflows. Mobile websites are just accessed via browser whereas native apps need to be downloaded by the user. Native apps allow development of features that would not be possible with mobile websites.

All pictures uploaded via the app get patrolled by the app's team, all copyright violations and undesirable images get deleted quickly. These are the stats for the current Android app's uploads vs deletes, as you can see about 95% of uploaded files are good.


Issues may be raised on the app's GitHub repository.