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This page can be used to request an update to a file that has been protected. Some files are protected due to high visibility, which makes them targets for vandalism. To request an update, please follow these steps:

  1. Upload your updated file under a different name.
  2. On the talk page of the protected file, add a section describing and justifying your proposed change. Do this even if the talk page is empty.
  3. At the bottom of this page, add the following: {{Request update protected|name of protected file|name of updated version}} ~~~~

Instructions for administrators:

  1. Click on the links to look at the current and updated versions and the discussion on the talk page.
  2. Give contributors watching the protected file at least one day to respond on the talk page, particularly if the talk page has existing previous discussion.
  3. If there is no ongoing discussion about the change, and the change seems reasonable, go ahead and upload the update; be sure to note the user who created it in the edit summary. Don't worry too much about the performance impact. Then delete the updated image under its previous name.
  4. If the change seems unreasonable, it might still be useful to keep it under the alternate name. If so, leave it; if not, delete it.
  5. Remove the entry from this list.