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A userbox (commonly abbreviated as UBX) is a small colored box designed to appear on a Commoner's user page as a notice about the user. Userboxes generally include one or two small graphics and a few short lines of text. Sometimes they also include wiki markup that places the user in a category. Userboxes are generally created as templates and transcluded onto userpages, although their markup may be substituted directly onto userpages instead. Userboxes should not be used in galleries or on image pages. They are for the use of users on their own user pages.

The first userboxes were introduced to support the Babel inter-language effort, to indicate users' skills in other languages.

Using userboxes[edit]

The standard syntax for adding a userbox to your user page (also known as transclusion) is: {{user name_of_box}}. You may decide to substitute the template code onto your user page using the syntax {{subst:user name_of_box}}. The use of "subst:" will ensure that the template is always displayed in its form when you add it to your user page, i.e. it will not reflect subsequent edits to the template. However, this method may lead to large amounts of code on your user page.

Many people like to display their userboxes on the right-hand side of their user pages. For language userboxes, use the {{#babel}} extension. For other userboxes, you can use Babel or use the template-pair {{Boxboxtop}} and {{Userboxbottom}}.

Creating userboxes[edit]

When creating new userboxes, they should follow the standard naming scheme of "user something". This requirement only applies to those in the template namespace. This allows them to work with certain templates, such as {{Babel}}, and for easy recognition of the template's purpose. It also helps avoid naming conflicts. Outside the template namespace, other naming conventions may be used. Common ones include "ubx something" or as a subpage "userboxes/something".


Userboxes exist in both the template namespace and the user namespace. All personal userboxes should be made as a subpage of the creator's userpage (e.g. User:Example/userbox). The advantage of this is that it keeps the template namespace manageable and helps avoid other problems that certain Wikimedia projects have encountered in the past. The disadvantage is that it's slightly less convenient in that the user must include the namespace to use it (e.g. {{user something}} vs. {{User:Example/user something}}).

If the template namespace is used, it's strongly encouraged that the boxes in some way aid in collaboration. Exceptions are allowed as long as these are kept to a minimum. For example, things like {{User rock}} are usually acceptable since you can't stop the rock it is at least in someway related to Commons (that being a recent meme of some sort). However, generally these type of userboxes should be kept to the userspace. Note that this is not a policy or even a guideline, just some advice to avoid the need for one. Let's learn from our sister projects. We're better anyway.


All userboxes should at least be categorized in Category:Userbox templates or one of its subcategories. Userboxes outside the template namespace may be categorized there also. Like anywhere else, subcategories should never be created in advance and only if the parent category gets too large.

Currently, the userbox category scheme is as follows:

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For the location-userboxes see Commons:Userboxes/Location.

Template Result

{{User bureaucrat}}
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Commons Bureaucrat.svgThis user is a bureaucrat on Wikimedia Commons. (verify)

{{User admin}}
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Commons Administrator.svgThis user is an administrator on Wikimedia Commons. (verify)

{{User checkuser}}
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Commons-checkuser.svgThis user is a checkuser on Wikimedia Commons. (verify)

{{User autopatrolled}}
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{{User patroller}}
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{{User rollbacker}}
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{{User filemover}}
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Commons File mover.svgThis user has file mover rights on Wikimedia Commons. (verify)

{{User reviewer}}
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{{User AWB}}
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AWB logo draft.svgThis user has AWB rights on Wikimedia Commons. (verify)

{{User OTRS}}
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Permission logo 2021.svgThis user is a member of the Volunteer Response Team. (verify)

{{User bot}}
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± This user is in fact a bot.

{{User bot owner}}
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Crystal Clear action run.svg
This user runs a bot, [[User:|]]. It performs tasks that are extremely tedious to do manually.

{{User flickr}}
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{{User Pixelfed}}
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Pixelfed logo.svg

{{User Ipernity}}
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{{User free culture}}
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{{User geocoder}}
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{{User Heraldry}}
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Coat of arms of Buonaparte.svgThis user contributes to WikiCommons in the subject of Heraldry.

{{User Internet explorer}}
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IE This user contributes using
Internet Explorer.

{{User Fashion}}
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Woman's yellow silk shoes 1760s.jpgThis user contributes to Wikimedia Commons in the area of Fashion.

{{User Flags}}
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Crystal locale.pngThis user contributes to wikicommons in the subject of Flags.

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Dialog-go-hand-ltr.svg This user is part of the iCommons iHeritage project.

{{User Firefox}}
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Mozilla FirefoxThis user contributes using
Mozilla Firefox.

{{User linux}}
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NewTux.svgThis user contributes using Linux.

{{Copyright paranoia}}
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Green copyright.svg This user finds copyright paranoia disruptive.

{{User respects copyright}}
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Red copyright.svgThis user respects copyright, but sometimes it can be a major pain.

{{Copyright paranoia is awesome}}
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Copyright.svg This user thinks "copyright paranoia" is awesome.

{{User commons 2.0}}
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User supporting Commons 2.0 !
User supporting Commons 2.0 !

{{User civil}}
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MedCom laurel.svgThis user believes in assuming good faith and civility.

{{User mapmaster}}
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Project: Mapmaking Wiki Standards

{{User mellow}}
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Melon-slice.jpgThis user stays melon mellow.

{{User not mellow}}
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Mad scientist This user prefers to occasionally not stay mellow.

{{User oceanography}}
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This user is a physical oceanographer

{{User ot}}
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... This user would like to be able to speak more languages.

{{User contrib|5000}}
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5,000+This user has made over 5,000 contributions to Commons.
Color changes based on number

{{User since}}
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Noia 64 apps karm.svgThis user has been on Wikimedia Commons for
18 years and 20 days
Additional parameters needed

{{W edits|0}}
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{{Userbox thanks}}
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Heart-hand-shake.svgUser:[[User:{{{u}}}|{{{u}}}]]: As of {{{d}}}, {{{o}}} thanks given, and {{{i}}} thanks received.

{{User Wikigraphist}}
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Vector graphics icon.svgI'm a Wikigraphist of the Graphic Lab to which you can request images improvement.

{{User Wikimania|Holding year|your ID|occupation}}
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Wikimania.svgThis user has a User Page at Wikimania holding year, and is also a occupation.
Category depends on parameter 1. (Category:Wikimania {{{1}}} User)

{{User Animation}}
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2g3 z5.gif Utilisateur Animations.

{{User Alternate Acct|Username}}
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System-users.svg This username is an alternate account of username.

{{User not censored}}
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Commons is not censored.

{{User Wikipedia bureaucrat|En}}
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Wikipedia bureaucrat.svgThis user is a bureaucrat on the English Wikipedia. (verify)
The 1st variable is the iso code of the wiki where you have the bureaucrat rights

{{User Wikipedia admin|En}}
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Wikipedia Administrator.svgThis user is an administrator on the English Wikipedia. (verify)
The 1st variable is the iso code of the wiki where you have the admin rights

{{User Wikipedia checkuser|En}}
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Wikipedia Checkuser.svgThis user is a checkuser on the English Wikipedia. (verify)
The 1st variable is the iso code of the wiki where you have the checkuser rights

{{User Wikipedia autopatrolled|En}}
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Wikipedia Autopatrolled.svgThis user is autopatrolled on the English Wikipedia. (verify)
The 1st variable is the iso code of the wiki where you have the autopatrolled rights

{{User Wikipedia rollbacker|En}}
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Wikipedia Rollbacker.svgThis user has rollback rights on the English Wikipedia. (verify)
The 1st variable is the iso code of the wiki where you have the rollback rights

{{User Wikipedia file mover|En}}
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Wikipedia File mover.svgThis user has file mover rights on the English Wikipedia. (verify)
The 1st variable is the iso code of the wiki where you have the file mover rights

{{User Wikipedia reviewer|En}}
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Wikipedia Reviewer.svgThis user has reviewer rights on the English Wikipedia. (verify)
The 1st variable is the iso code of the wiki where you have the file mover rights

{{User camera}}
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OOjs UI icon camera.svg

{{User Monobook}}
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{{User Inkscape}}
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Inkscape Logo.svgThis user contributes using Inkscape.

{{User Blender}}
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Blender logo no text.svgThis user contributes using Blender.

{{User RawTherapee}}
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RawTherapee logo-circle.svgThis user contributes using RawTherapee.

{{User Scribus}}
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Scribus logo.svgThis user contributes using Scribus.

{{User GIMP}}
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This user contributes using GIMP.

{{User SVG}}
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Converted to SVG.svgThis user converts raster images to SVG format.

{{User IRC}}
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IRCThis user chats on Freenode:

{{User Google Chrome}}
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Google Chrome icon (February 2022).svgThis user contributes using
Google Chrome.

{{User internationalisation}}
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This user is an
internationalisation enthusiast.

{{User signs posts}}
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~~~~Userboxes signs their posts and thinks you should too!

{{My sandbox}}
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{{User CID}}
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Twemoji 1f510.svgThis user account is secured with a unique committed Identity.

{{User panoramio}}
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Star and ring.svg

{{User FP}}
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Cscr-featured.svgThis user has uploaded featured pictures to Wikimedia Commons.

{{User QI}}
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Quality images logo.svgThis user has uploaded quality images to Wikimedia Commons.

{{User QIC Reviewer}}
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{{User Files}}
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Gnome-emblem-documents.svgThis user has uploaded files to Wikimedia Commons.

{{User own photos}}
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Gnome-emblem-photos.svgThis user has uploaded own photos to Commons.

{{User Maps}}
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Continents.svgThis user contributes to wikicommons in the subject of Cartography.

{{User Images}}
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Gnome-emblem-photos.svgThis user has uploaded images to Wikimedia Commons.

{{User GeoCoding}}
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Wikiminiatlas commons standalone 2.png

{{User Sounds}}
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Gnome-audio-input-microphone.svgThis user has uploaded sounds to Wikimedia Commons.

{{User QGIS}}
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QGIS logo new.svgThis user contributes using QGIS.