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Welcome bot is currently: deprecated by NewUserMessage extension.

This is a log generated by Orgullobot (inactive), SieBot, YonaBot, PolarBot, O (bot), and Legobot running pywikipedia's It registers all the users welcomed by this botscript as well as the number of contributions at the time of their welcoming. The log moves to a new page every day.

Note: If you feel like you understand the basics of the Commons and licensing, categorisation etc, please help check these users' contribs. If they have made some mistakes, write a friendly note on their talk page explaining how to fix the problem(s). e.g. {{Please tag images}}, {{Please link images}} (use cats or galleries). If they have done OK, that's great. Then remove their name from this list.

Users are welcome to remove their own names if they feel confident enough, too!

Today's log[edit]

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Commons:Welcome log/2022/09/27

|-- |Note: if there are no people listed on this page yet, please work to remove some of the backlogs listed below! |}

Past logs[edit]

Please delete the page itself when all users have been checked (except for the current day, obviously!).


These people will be happy to help you answer any questions you have about the Commons, if you want to approach someone directly. General questions can be asked at the Help desk.

Tips for helpers[edit]

Please consider adding the following JavaScript tools to your monobook.js: MediaWiki:Quick-delete.js, and MediaWiki:UserMessages.js. They will make your life easier and provide adequate information to new users.