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DirkvdM havana casa bolivar.jpg

Dirk van der Made[edit]

This is a sample of some of my best photos on Wikimedia Commons, all from my trip to Cuba, Costa Rica and Panama. There is also a a complete overview of the photos I have uploaded so far (although it's no longer complete because I haven't been keeping it up-to-date).

Most photos are half-size (in both dimensions, so really quarter size) and saved with Photoshop jpeg setting 6 (out of 12). If you are interested in a higher quality version of any of these photos, then please contact me at my Wikipedia talk page. I am mainly active there, so I will notice any messages sooner.

DirkvdM bush-clouds.jpg
A moonlit roof
A statue shielding the Sun
Near Orosí, Costa Rica
Near Orosí (behind the grass in the valley), Costa Rica
Tendril of an unidentified climber plant near Orosí, Costa Rica
Near Orosí, Costa Rica
Near Orosí, Costa Rica
A spider at the Rainbow World Gathering 2004 in the south of Costa Rica near the Parque Internacional la Amistad
Near Orosí, Costa Rica. I believe the flower came out of the same plant as the bananaleaf behind it. In the background are coffeeplants
Near Orosí, Costa Rica
A rather hairy fly at the Sendero de los Quetzales, through Parque Nacional Volcán Barú, Panamá
A plaza in Casco Viejo in Panamá City
Cloud cover seen from Volcán Barú near Boquete, Panamá
A view to the south from the hills to the south of Santa Fé (Veraguas Province), Panamá
A nipple-shaped hill near Baracoa, Cuba
A view to the west from the foot of El Yunque, near Baracoa, Cuba
At a cemetery in Havana, Cuba. To the left a burial is taking place
The 'Monumento a Antonio Maceo' in Santiago de Cuba
A cabin on the hillridge to the south of Baracoa, Cuba
A so-called 'yank tank' or 'maquina' in Trinidad, Cuba
Schoolkids in a sunlit gallery in Havana, Cuba
A canopy walkway disappearing into a cloud forest near Santa Elena, Costa Rica
A hummingbird (probably a Buff-tailed Coronet) near Santa Elena, Costa Rica, 23 January 2004
A shiny blue beetle on the ground near Santa Elena, Costa Rica
A flying insect near Santa Fé (Veraguas Province), Panamá. It did stretch-exercises with its 'winged' back legs, probably to attract females. In stead, it attracted me. :)
Above the clouds on the way up Volcán Irazú, Costa Rica
Volcán Irazú, Costa Rica.
The church of Orosí, Costa Rica
The rocky side of a mountain creek near Orosí, Costa Rica
A coffee plantation on a hill near Orosí, Costa Rica
Freshly picked coffee near Orosí, Costa Rica
Near Orosí, Costa Rica
Near Orosí, Costa Rica. After the flower has shed its leaves, it changes to the 'flower' below it (which confused me at first - two different flowers on the same plant?)
A 'chalet' in the hills to the east of Orosí, Costa Rica
A bit of simple artistry at the International Rainbow Gathering 2004 in Costa Rica
A Hermit Crab at Parque Nacional Corcovado
A big bee-like creature (about twice the size of a normal bee) in Parque Nacional Corcovado, Costa Rica
A flower with a rather sensual appearance at the inland track in Parque Nacional Corcovado, Costa Rica
Palm trees at the Parque Nacional Corcovado, Costa Rica
A view of Golfito (foreground) and the Golfo Dulce (beyond the peninsula), in southern Costa Rica
A view of Golfito, a bay in southern Costa Rica, with the Golfo Dulce beyond the island. The viewpoint is somewhere on the road between the two halves of the village Golfito. Compare with Image:DirkvdM_golfito-1.jpg. The narrow peninsula there is in the centre here
Near Orosí, Costa Rica
Part of a long ribbon of caterpillars near Boquete, Panamá
A view of the high rise of modern Panamá City, across the Bahía de Panamá, from the old harbour at Casco Viejo
The lobby of Hotel Colón in Casco Viejo, Panamá City
On the crater rim around Santa Fé (Veraguas Province), Panamá (the northern edge of the rim, I believe)
Near a settlement on the crater rim around Santa Fé (Veraguas Province), Panamá (the eastern edge of the rim, I believe)
To the south of Santa Fé (Veraguas Province), Panamá
A lizard near Santa Fé (Veraguas Province), Panamá
Somewhere in Panamá City. I am fairly sure this is from a building at Via España, towards the east, so that could be Iglesia del Carmen
Somewhere in Panamá City. Probably taken from the Universidad de Panamá---THIS IS TAKEN AT ESCUELA BELISARIO PORRAS, NOT THE UNIVERSITY
A Sara Longwing on the Pipeline Road (along the Canal) in Panamá
A glasswing butterfly in the forest to the west of Santa Fé (Veraguas Province), Panamá
Bike handlebars, Nieuwe Gracht, Utrecht, 120930.JPG
Second hand sun in window, Utrecht, 120930.JPG
Playground Houtensepad Utrecht 120930.JPG
Bull's head 2, Utrecht, 120930.JPG

By others[edit]

Not mine, so I won't actually place them here (just yet).

And some external links, so I couldn't even place them (unless I know the copyright status):


Some people prefer a perspective with all vertical lines, especially when it concerns buildings. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't. For example, the photos to the right show a play of lines and a big building. Straightening those vertical lines gives it an unnatural perspective, almost as if the builidng is top-heavy, towering over you, but here it works well because it emphasises the size of the building.

Original perspective
Straight perspective

These photos, though, are of a cozy, 'secluded' plaza in Panama. Admittedly, because I kept the lamppost vertical, the church tower to the left leans to the right way too much. But giving this a straight perspective completely kills the cozy feeling, making it too cold, too objective.

Original perspective
Straight perspective